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Tree Services on the Sunshine Coast

Professional tree felling and care should be performed by a qualified Arborist and highly skilled team who can help you create an outdoor living area that is beautiful, healthy and safe.

Trees provide an enormous range of benefits, such as:

  • Enhancement of local environment and ecosystems
  • Provision of shade and shelter
  • Reduction of pollutants and sequestration of Carbon Dioxide
  • Improved well being

Tree Removal

Tree felling on the Sunshine Coast is a highly technical, dangerous and specialised skill that requires a qualified professional in the tree services area, like those at The Palm Guys.

Most tree felling in the Sunshine Coast’s urban areas presents a challenge. Trees in suburbia are generally surrounded by buildings and other infrastructure. Large trees require careful dismantling by highly trained personnel utilising industry specific machinery to ensure safety and the protection of your home and property.

Typical tree felling on the Sunshine Coast generally includes accessing the area with the confined space elevated work platform, removal of all branches, blocking down the tree trunk, chipping all tree waste (wood chip can be left on site free of charge) and cutting the stump as flush to the ground as possible. The stump can then be ground out

Tree Pruning

Pruning is essential in developing a tree with a strong structure and desirable form. Our tree trimming addresses tree care concerns such as safety, structural integrity, shape and appearance.

Professional tree pruning helps you preserves the strength, stature and seasonal character of the tree.

The Palm Guys practice professional pruning techniques compliant with the Australian Standard AS4373 -2007 – Pruning of Amenity Trees to reduce risk, reduce wind resistance, improve access over roads or to improve the structure of young trees.

There are many different kinds of pruning such as Reduction pruning, Remedial pruning and selective pruning.

Crown Maintenance

Pruning that does not reduce the volume of the crown and retains the structure and size of the tree.

Crown Thinning

Reduces the canopy density through the removal of lower order branches whilst retaining the main structural branches of the tree.

Crowing Lifting of Raising

The removal of the lower branches to increase the distance from the ground.

Dead Wooding

The removal of dead branches.

“Pruning and removing trees can be a dangerous and technically difficult job and should only be carried out by those who are trained to do so. Trees are also a great asset and can increase property values significantly as well as being large, complex organisms in their own right: poor maintenance of your trees can result in loss of tree health and / or structural stability.”

Arborists care for trees and provide services that can improve and enhance your trees health, visual amenity and long term structural integrity.”- Queensland Arboriculture Association.


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