Storm Damage

Sunshine Coast Storm Damage Tree Removal Service

The Sunshine Coast region gets some pretty severe storms from time to time, often resulting in fallen or uprooted trees. The Palm Guys have a team of professional and qualified arborists who have a combined 40 years of experience removing storm damaged trees and branches. We also prioritise storm damage jobs to ensure that any dangers of further damage are removed from your property as quickly as possible.

If storm damage has occurred, then call our team of qualified arborists on 0408 632 018 and they will assist you with the following:

  • Removal of fallen and damaged trees
  • Tree and branch trimming.
  • Felling and elimination of dangerous trees.
  • Securing broken or damaged branches
  • Pruning, shaping and cutting back dangerous tree limbs

There are usually six types of storm damage to trees:

  • Total tree collapse, when the tree is pushed over and completely damaged due to high winds.
  • Stem failure occurs at weak spots of the tree. Old wounds of the tree are weaker compared to the other sections, and a storm might lead to stem damage and breakage.
  • Crown twist, which means more wind on one side of the crown comprising leaves, twigs, and branches. It produces a twist on the branches and main stem causing them to collapse and split respectively.
  • Root failure occurs when the roots of a tree are constrained.
  • Branch failure, weakens the point.
  • Lightning strikes destroys tree tissues by electrical disruption and causes extensive water loss and root damage.

The first three are considered to be catastrophic and immediate and proper treatment is needed. The remaining three cause comparatively less damage and their effect is spread over years.

If your property has experienced storm damage and you need to have a tree removed urgently, call us today on 0408 632 018.

Storm Damage: Prevention is Better Than Cure!


The only way to combat storm damage to trees is via proper planting, prevention measures and treatment. Protect your family, pets, cars and other personal property from storm damage with proactive, year round tree care. With annual inspections to identify potential hazards, fertilizing and periodic pruning, your trees will be healthier and have a stronger natural resistance to damage.

The Palm Guys highly qualified Arborist can help. We will conduct a storm damage risk assessment of your trees. Things to look out for are:

  • Areas of included bark (vertical lines of scar tissue beneath the crotch of the tree)
  • Hollow or decayed areas
  • Excessive dead wood
  • Weak branch attachments
  • Root injury or decay

If these problems are recognised early on then they can often be corrected with hazard reduction pruning.

Urgent Storm Damage Tree Removal Service

We prioritise storm damage jobs to ensure that any further safety risks to property and passers-by are removed as quickly as possible. 0408 632 018